we are recording our first EP !

2013-02-09 14:00:50 by dariaband

First exciting news: we are in a new line up !! After struggling for two years as a duo, we finally found a drummer and a bassist!

Second news: we decided to take the step on our own and now we are recording our first EP ! :) stay tuned!

All news and progress on our fb page: http://www.facebook.com/dariarock

P.S. band homepage will be set up soon!

thank you very much for all your feedback and your support :D!

Daria & Co

we are recording our first EP !

new suprises soon!

2012-08-02 16:52:24 by dariaband

hello people!

sorry for not being often on NG, we want to change it - after all it seems here, the people are interested most in our music and we are very thankful and happy that such a platform exists!
Stay tuned - new stuff and surprises will be there soon :) - please check out our fb and other sites - there you can find the most infos and news :) - we don't sleep^^

have a wonderful summer :)!

Daria and Paul


new suprises soon!

hello in the new year !

2012-02-09 13:32:07 by dariaband

hello everybody :)!

so, a new year has begun for our band :) - we would like to thank everyone for your feedback here :) !! we appreciate it very much!
in past december we have recorded our first HOME RECORDED DEMO :D with good equipment :) - it is the song "Dreamin" which you can also find here on NG (old version), but we have rearranged it and recorded it completely new and added a dreamy feeling with new piano/ synth sounds :) we hope you like it! new recordings will follow^^

we would be very happy as well if you could like our Facebook page :) - http://www.facebook.com/dariarock - there you can find also links to soundcloud, youtube profiles etc... thank you people :)!

we wish you great time :)!

see/ hear you soon ^^


hello in the new year !

hello again :D

2011-07-09 15:59:31 by dariaband

hi people!

Long time no see^^ - we have had a few gigs in the past time and now in the summer - we will compose many new songs :) - in the meantime - we upload some LIVE perfomances of our past concerts :D - we hope you will like it :)

all the best to ya :D


hello again :D

We'd like to thank everyone who had given such a positive and constructive review :D
yes, it would be GREAT to publish our music - we just have started.... Paul, writes his own music - he's also here as "DUDIDUM" on NG. Daria, thats me, well I have vocal coaching from my parents who are opera singers :D
Its very difficult to make and sell music in our home country, in Austria.... but it would be fantastic if we could reach UK and USA....
well thank you and many greetings from Vienna:D:D

WOW thank you for such positive feedback:D!

new song live performance

2010-12-25 08:54:25 by dariaband

Hello there:D

we have posted our live performance of our song "struggle"

Hello everyone!

2010-12-16 14:25:50 by dariaband

Hi everyone:)

we are DARIA, a rock band from Vienna, Austria :) We write our own music and lyrics and we are inspired by bands like Queen, Led Zeppelin, Yes, just to name a few :)

Currently we're looking for new members, writing new songs and trying to record them- I, Daria, am singing and playing the piano, and Paul, is playing the guitar and is the main composer:) - we are both 22 now. I'm studying philosophy and Paul is studying electrical engineering in Vienna:
We're looking for drums and bass... we had some concerts already with our previous members...

this is our myspace site: www.myspace.com/dariarockDariarock

We hope that you will enjoy our music :D!
Greetings from Vienna:)!

Hello everyone!